Why come to Belgium ?

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As a hub of the European economic market and a key player in international trade, Belgium is also one of the founding countries of the European Union. As the capital of the European Union, Belgium is home to a number of international institutions including NATO, the European Commission, etc...

A cosmopolitan energy at the heart of a developed country

Belgium is located in the heart of one of the richest and most developed regions in the world. It has an exciting culture and a cosmopolitan population. Brussels, for example, has a population of which 31% is of foreign origin.

The Brussels-Capital Region benefits from a strategic location in Europe and good infrastructure.

These assets enable it to maintain an excellent business climate. Both the Belgian government and the 3 Regions (Brussels-Capital, Wallonia and Flanders) are working to create attractive investment opportunities.

A position at the heart of Europe

Belgium is the ideal starting point for accessing a consumer market of 500 million Europeans, since 75% of European purchasing power is accessible within a radius of 500 kilometers.

The Belgian government has introduced tax measures and incentives to make Belgium more attractive to international investors. In addition, the Brussels-Capital Region encourages innovation, research and development.

It also benefits from numerous facilities in terms of infrastructure and connections. Various transport options (sea and river ports, airports, railway stations, extensive road and motorway networks, etc.) are available. The telecommunication network is of first choice and the possibilities of intermodal transport are more and more put forward.

Belgium is an open community

Due to its structure and history, Belgium is a naturally cosmopolitan country. It consists of 3 regions, the Walloon Region, the Brussels-Capital Region and the Flemish Region. It also has 3 official languages, French, Dutch and German. Officially the Brussels-Capital Region is bilingual (French / Dutch), commercially, in the business world and in large companies English is often the most used language.

Belgium offers many advantages

An open economy

Among the world's major exporting countries

No limitation on trade

Rapid creation of your new business

Advantageous business climate

Easily accessible from Europe and the rest of the world thanks to :

An excellent infrastructure and good connections

Promotion of intermodal transportation opportunities

First-class telecommunication networks

International Policy Centre

Host to countless European and international institutions

More than 2,000 multinationals

Strong presence of pressure groups, diplomats and press groups

High-flying workers

High productivity rate

Highly skilled workforce

Extensive language skills

Center of Expertise

Renowned Universities

High-level research and development centers

A breeding ground for innovation

Advantageous tax regime for businesses

You can benefit from various tax deductions and exemptions:

Notional interest deduction: Deduction of notional interest on venture capital financing, which offers you a lower tax base and, consequently, a lower effective rate.

Deduction for definitively taxed income

Exemption of 95% of dividends received

Possibility of interest deduction if you take out a loan to acquire an equity interest

Investment deduction for investments in new assets

8% for SMEs, regardless of the type of investment

Investments to save energy

Investments in research and development (R&D)

95% net innovation revenue exemption for patents, copyrighted computer programs, plant breeders' rights, etc.

Carry forward of tax losses to the following years, without time limit

Deferral of VAT collection on goods purchased: you do not have to advance the VAT or pay a guarantee.

Federal tax exemption for many subsidies granted by the regions

Other benefits :

Reduced social security contributions for employers

Calculation of the identical tax for employment through a Belgian establishment or a Belgian subsidiary

You benefit from an attractive effective tax rate, lower than the nominal rate of 33.99%.

Advantageous real estate prices

Low real estate prices compared to neighboring countries

Excellent living conditions

High standard of living

Exceptional teaching

Quality health care


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